League of Young Voluntary Georgian (partner of Аlliance of European Voluntary Service Organisation) is making  Volunteering camp in La Belle Verte.

We invite you!

                                         WC 50 YOGA CAMP                 

                      LYVG & LA BELLE VERTE                           

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PROJECT MOTIVATION: Have you ever practiced yoga or a least wished to do yoga? Do you like dance rhythms? Would you like to try eco life in a eco camping for simple life, for being involved in local Georgian life, enjoy subtropical jungles in Mtirala Park? You will enjoy your stay in LA BELLE  VERTE while practicing yoga and doing eco activities.


SPORT & WORK ACTIVITIES: Every day we will do yoga or rhythm (you can try African rhythms and elements of Indian dance trible fusion, call Mandala dance). We will hike in forest. For the eco tasks we can collect herbs from Mountains, we will  collect fruits from garden, make eco food and also  yoga style of food (Ayurveda kitchen). For farming activity we can also do such things as planting/weeding/watering.  You can help to create eco camp, like painting or landscape tasks. You will also help in the kitchen (washing dishes, serving, etc).


LOCATION: Batumi is capital of  Adjara autonomous republic  and important port at Black Sea cost in southwest Georgia. It is situated in a subtropical zone, rich in agricultural produce such as citrus fruit and tea. Since 2010, the face of the city has been transformed by the construction of new high-rise landmark buildings and the renovation of the Old Town. Batumi is the town of various music festivals. Huge investments, new tourism infrastructure, beauty of nature and beach attracts lots of visitors. www.batumi.ge/en/



ACCOMMODATION: The „LA BELLE VERTE“ located in National park Mtirala. It is only 20 minutes by bus to Batumi.  Protected  area with unique subtropical forest including endemic flora and fauna. Forest conserved for thousands years. You will live in forest eco/off-grid camping with tree house and wooden bungalows in double room (for 2 persons). No night life or TV available in camp, but there is good internet connection.

Wi fi, hot showers and toilette.

FOOD: Eco food from our village, tasty Georgian cuisine 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


WHAT TO BRING: sleeping bags and yoga mat with you. Clothes and boots for rainy weather. Bring clothes for yoga classes. You can also bring your music instruments and of course your good mood and open heart for new country, friendly Georgian people and wild forest.


LEISURE TIME:  Every day we will have yoga or rhythm classes for well-being and good mood. There are many possibilities for leisure time, especially for those who love nature:

acquaintance with nature of the area, hiking, swimming, visit ancient architectural monuments etc. Excursion to the historical places are planned as well. Volunteers will have a very good chance to get in close contact with the local people, experience local traditions and learn some customs like how to be a farmer and make Georgian food. The region is very attractive and famous for its homemade wines and tasty eco food. You can enjoy sea view, National Botanical Garden of Batumi. http://gobatumi.com


LANGUAGE: English, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian.


THE LIMITATION OF THE PROGRAM: 2 – 10.  Maximal 10 persons at the same time.


AGE: 18–26.


PARTICIPATION FEE: 150 EUR for 10 days (participation fee is to be paid upon arrival).

HOW TO GET TO OUR CAMP: You can arrive in Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi. From Tbilisi to Batumi every day runs comfortable train or bus. We provide group transfer on 4-th of June from Batumi.

Otherwise there is a bus 141a to Korolistavi village. It goes from funicular in Batumi center. Go to the end station.

CONTACT of LYVG (leader)


English/ Russian/Georgian

from EU: ++ 995 568 79 69 90

in Georgia: (0)  568  79 69 90

E-mail: labelleverte.mtirala@gmail.com

Skype: chumish3


Project manager



from EU: ++995 568 99 99 17

in Georgia: (0) 568 99 99 17




MEETING PLACE AND TIME: Please inform us about your arrival details in order to make meeting place and time more comfortable for you.


Volunteer yoga camp
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You can come with regular volunteer program or in off season just to live for free and work (we have   farming, cleaning and reconstruction job to do).