HELLO and WELCOME to La Belle Verte!


We have always dreamed of living in a pure, lovely and green place. We wanted an ECO LIFE.  We traveled all around the world and chose to make an eco/off-grid camp in beautiful, free Georgia around  the subtropical Mtirala National Park, mountain Adjara. 

We strive to create  a unique hand made space with architectural innovations focusing on leaving in harmony with nature. In tree houses  and having independent electricity and heating sources.






 If you like such things, you are invited to:

    ● Relax from your city life in lovely, wild nature and increase your lung capacity

    ● Enjoy tasty Georgian, Russian, and International food and drinks from eco products.

    ●  Attend camps especially for young, sports-focused, or adventure-themed (check events).    

    ●  Farm and practice eco-tourism.

    ●  Mountain hike, bicycle touring and bird watch

    ●  Do sport, practice yoga and participate in detox programs

    ●  Learn arts and crafts From the ancient Caucasus region

    ●  Enjoy  friendly atmosphere.


La Belle Verte’s location is by the Mtirala National Park – it is definitely unique and immersed in an emerald green ancient forest.


 It’s only 30  minutes by public transportation from our camp to the Black Sea and the lovely city of Batumi. http://gobatumi.com/en/home



We offer a “pleasant living” camping experience.

Our amenities include:

● Lodging in Tree houses and bungalows.

● Hot showers

● Toilets

● Wi-Fi

●  An open and closed area for yoga (we have morning lessons).

●  Cosy spaces for relaxing.

 ● Breath-taking views

 ● Outdoor garden

 ● Ecological, local food such as  - chestnuts, honey, milk, cheese, curds, nuts, jams, alcohol etc.

 ● Workshops for learning particular crafts such as pottery, leather crafts, forging, woodwork, eco cooking, cosmetics, healing herbs, organic farming.

   All motorcyclists and people with own vehicles and tents can enjoy staying here

 ● We speak English, Russian, Armenian, Slovenian.



           PRICES are from 15USD


from July 1st to September 20th (high season)

Double room - 20 EU per person

Place for double tent - 15 EU


Discount for more than long staying

There are also group, travel agencies, and tourist discounts.

Low and middle season discounts are also available.

We organize tours and excursions around Georgia for small groups and private parties.

Contact us for more information.